Lakeside Restaurant

Among the near endless places to visit in Monroe NY, you’ll find a lovely scene here.

Lakeside Restaurant Monroe NY

Incomparable service and beautiful surroundings offer an amazing setting for any social occasion or business event. Water & Food goes above and beyond to create a great memorable events for all special time’s.

Sometimes the best way to experience a new place is through its cuisine. Among the near endless places to visit in Monroe Ny, you’ll find a lovely scene here.

Restaurant Steakhouse Monroe NY desired destination for all receptions, rehearsal dinners, retirement celebrations, cocktail parties, office parties, holiday’s, fundraisers, corporate events and more.

Lakeside Restaurant

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Meet the Chef

Your Chef has a passion for cooking that emerged while living in many different countries around the world.
His travels while living in Germany, Canada, and USA gave him the opportunity to further expand his culinary horizons.
Experiencing diverse people, environments, and various ways of life is what influences each dish he creates, whether it is the splendor of fine dining or the nostalgia found within soul food.